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🍋 Tangy Lemon Bars with a Biscoff Crust

Best Biscoff Lemon Bars


Can that be the full blog post? Just.. THESE?!?

In all seriousness... "These" are really good.

Like any good American, I have an obsession with Biscoff cookies. This is probably because we've been "Pavloved" to love them while traveling on airplanes. I forget which airline passes them out. United? Anyways.. I savor every bite of that pack of two so much that I am always dying to ask the flight attendant for just one more.

The original crust for a lemon bar is usually a shortbread made up of butter, sugar, vanilla, salt, and flour. Don't get me wrong, I love shortbread. But for this recipe, I was thinking that a Biscoff crust would add a layer of depth to the lemon bars (which is what I was craving).

Lemon Bars with a Biscoff Crust

The only hard part about this recipe is the custard. DON'T OVERCOOK IT. If you overcook the custard, it will curdle. However, if you undercook it, it won't become a custard. Once the curd coats the back of a spoon, the custard is done. This technique is called a napé. If you napé all day, you should be fine.


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