Emily is a plant-based chef, media personality, and recipe developer based in San Antonio, Texas. Chef Emily’s training and travels have proven vital to expanding her expertise. As a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute NYC and The University of Texas at Austin, she specializes in the nutrition and preparation of vegetables. Yet, to provide a comprehensive understanding of culinary arts, she also trained with chefs throughout America to hone her skills in cooking with animal protein.

Training with culinary experts and celebrity chefs such as, Gordon Ramsay, Iron Chef Canada, Amanda Cohen, Christina Wilson, Jay Santos, and Jason Dady has helped Emily gain a broad range of visions and skillsets, from which she has curated her own style and platform. Emily is one of the youngest chefs and the first trained plant-based chef to compete in Fox’s Hells Kitchen featuring Gordon Ramsay.


She has also recently developed a national product for the Texas company, Nature’s
Eats, that can be purchased all over the country. She has also recently started
developing a new product with Run DMC legend, Darryl McDaniels. Her roots in the
wellness sphere were shaped by her time studying community health and wellness at
The University of Texas at Austin where she earned a B.S. in Kinesiology.

Not only does Emily have a passion for food, but she also loves helping others who struggle with body image, eating disorders, and disordered eating. Through personal experience, Emily believes that one can recover from an unhealthy relationship with food through cooking. 

Emily is currently working as a lead recipe developer at Nature's Eats as well as instructing cooking classes/demos both online and in person. She is also working on the second season of "The Self-Help Chef. You can watch season one Here


Emily’s aspirations and goals are to help others realize the potential and beauty of food and ease of cooking at home as well as the importance of self-love and self-care. 

About Chef Emily