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Chef Series Ingredient Bundle

For the past month, I have been collaborating with fellow chefs to bring fun & easy plant-based recipes to Instagram Live. Hosting these quick and fun classes live was a new experience for both myself and the chefs. However, I was extremely impressed with the recipes they brought to the party. As I sipped on my cocktail, the first four chefs of this chef series whipped up creative plant-based dishes that I am itching to eventually try myself.

The first collab was with my friend, Cassiano. He has worked in restaurants for over 10 years and recently found a love for vegan/vegetarian cuisine. Originally from Brazil, he taught us how to make a plant-based version of Tostones with "Norizo" (vegan version of chorizo). Following the theme, I decided to virtually pair his vegan feast with a Caiprioska (Caipirinha with vodka), a traditional Brazilian cocktail. It turned out to be one of my new favorite drinks

Savory soon turned to sweet in the next episode with Chef Sam. Sam graduated culinary school from The Natural Gourmet Institute and is now lead baker at a gluten-free cafe in Jersey City. She made her version of chocolate mousse with a unique ingredient called aquafaba. Aquafaba is actually the liquid found in chickpea cans! It can be used as a thickener or egg substitute in vegan baking. Now what pairs with chocolate like more chocolate? That was my thought as I made the ever popular whipped coffee with my favorite late-night cocktail, an espresso martini.

The following week's focus was the beauty of raw vegetables. Chef Bailey also graduated school from NGI and quickly found herself working as a private chef. She cooks for multiple clients across New York and also provides health-coaching. She prepared a Hearts of Palm Ceviche seasoned with salt and lime juice while I kept it light by making a simple mojito.

We ended the month with a bang when we had Chef Kathy on the chef series. She took us to Greece as she prepared Dolmades (also known as stuffed grape leaves). She is a trained chef instructor and works with large companies. She has also mastered virtual classes during quarantine. As she taught, I sipped on a greek margarita infused with pomegranate juice.

Try out these recipes. Take pictures. Tell me what you think! Contact me If you are a chef and want to collab with me on the next chef series!

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